About us

About Us

At TEC we are committed to deliver quality outputs for any engineering service we receive. Our prime area of focus is Automotive Industry. As we can see day to day transformations in Automobile world, it is essential to cope up with latest trends in the market. Our expertise is directed to the Mechanical Engineering & its sub-divisions too.

The area of Exposures in Hardcore Engineering can be categorized to:

  • Techno- Commercial Proposals
  • Design of Mechanical & Automotive Products.
  • Simulation (CAE & FEA) Analysis.
  • Tool, Mould & Fixture Development.
  • Sourcing of the Casted/Forged/Machined Components.
  • PPAP Audit services.
  • Project Management Services.

At TEC we have experienced manpower to handle any challenging task and give the most favourable results to the client. In addition to this, we have Channel partners in the market to support us to facilitate any tasks which require specialization and licenses.